Elektrenai children's wardship home, which is a public institution, was founded on 26 July in 2000 under the treaty of an institution of local administration and the council of St. Mary Queen of Martyrs parish.

There are 32 orphans and ward children under 18 years old who are settled down in 3 different households (about 8-13 children in each household).


Elektrenai municipality and St. Mary Queen of Martyrs Elektrenai parish.


To give social and spiritual help for ward children, to form the living regulations on well-founded Christian values.


To bring up and integrate into the society a well-educated, honest, creative and free personality who will be able to take care of oneself in the future.

The most significant purposes:

- to ensure the upbringing and social services for ward children;
- to create such a family surrounding in which a child would be able to grow, develop, improve and prepare to live an independent life;
- to help to develop a positive view to work, studies, and beautiful environment, to respect and consider the material wealth;
- to strengthen the children's mental and physical health as well as guarantee their safety;
- to reveal the children's needs as early as possible by maturing them for a society and family.